In medias res

April 11, 2004

I didn’t want to inaugurate my blog with a perfunctory “Welcome to my new blog!” post, so instead I started it off with the perfunctory post you see below (which honestly is just a slightly gussied-up version of a comment I already had posted on Matthew Yglesias’s blog.)

But now that that’s out of the way, welcome to my new blog!

I’m a 4th year PhD student in Physics at MIT. The fact that I’m a 4th year probably has something to do with my proclivity to procrastinate, for example, the blog you’re reading right now. I console myself with the fact that if DeWitt & Graham and their successors like David Deutsch and Lev Vaidman are right about a full-blown Many Worlds Interpretation (link) of quantum mechanics, then in most other segments of our Multiverse, I’m assiduously applying myself to those tasks I should be applying myself to right now in this Universe. Hence, the title of this blog.

2 Responses to “In medias res”

  1. CSTAR Says:

    In most other segments of our Multiverse … you just aren’t

  2. Bill Says:

    Quite true. That’s why that excuse never worked with either my adviser or my mom.

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