The President Ups the Ante

April 13, 2004

Speaking of the President’s upcoming news conference, I’ve just noticed it’s preempting 24. This really ups the ante, in my opinion. Given what passes for a newsworthy, serious contribution to the counterterrorism policy debate these days (and I’ll have more to say on this issue soon), I’d argue that the act of airing the average episode of 24 from this season constitues a greater service to our Republic than airing the average news conference of President Bush. Indeed, it’s sad to say but probably true that our counterterrorism policy debate would be significantly improved even if everyone just gave up and agreed to adopt the WWJD principle–“What Would Jack Do?” (and if not 24‘s Jack Bauer, then perhaps Alias‘s Jack Bristow or Samurai Jack‘s eponymous martial arts master… they’re all fine role models for both our youth and our policymakers).

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