Want Another Pick-Me-Up?

April 20, 2004

Okay, I admit my last post wasn’t all that good of a pick-me-up. After all, it’s hard to wring anything but extremely nervous laughter out of the fact that some conscientious double-checking by Russian radar operators and (probably more importantly) the supernatural ability of Boris Yeltsin’s liver to keep him (barely) functioning despite 1-2 liters of vodka in his bloodstream were the only things that kept the world from being destroyed on January 25, 1995 from a Russian nuclear strike that was nearly accidently launched in response to a research rocket being launched from Norway.

But I promise you, this next thing really is hilarious…

By way of Billmon, behold the following result from an April 15-18th Washington Post poll:

Q: Overall do you think George W. Bush has done more to unite the country, or has done more to divide the country?

Unite: 50%
Divide: 48%
Don’t Know: 2%

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