New Year’s Resolutions: Eat Less, Blog More

January 2, 2005

Looking back on the year just past, I see that I have all too often neglected both my body and my blog.   I thus resolve to eat less and blog more.  Indeed, I intend to combine these two activities and add fat-burning fuel to my diet by blogging.   Despite the fact that four years of PhD work in physics here at MIT has amply proven that major mental effort doesn’t really burn all that many calories, I’m not yet ready to return simply to the cardiovascular training, weightlifting, and martial arts that kept me svelte in my youth.   Instead, I’m hoping that combining major mental effort with intense righteous indignation in that way that only blogging provides will kickstart my moribund metabolism into a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine.    

I’ll let y’all know how this works, and if it does work, expect to see Blog Yourself Thin!  — The Self-Righteous Way to Shed Unwanted Pounds on bookshelves by Christmas 2005. 


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