What’s Wrong With This Picture?

January 31, 2005


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ANSWER: Absolutely nothing.  Far more people care about the sordid saga of Michael Jackson than the fact the United Nations (read: its major member states) will not use the word "genocide" officially in describing what’s happening in the Sudan.   And after all, if what’s happening in the Sudan is just "abuse," then it’s the same darn word used to describe what Mr. Jackson allegedly does in his lesiure time.   So clearly Mr. Jackson deserves top billing.

Okay, now that I’ve had my moment of righteous indignation, I must admit that the above was corrected on the BBC website soon after I noticed it.  When the site received it’s top-of-the-hour update at 10 PM EST (3 PM GMT), the UN’s unwillingness to call a genocide a genocide in the Sudan got the appropriate top billing.   I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact it’s somehow mildly inconvenient for the BBC News webmaster to displace drivel that accumulates in the top headline spot for a breaking news story except for certain times (e.g., at the top-of-the-hour).   So heck, if soul-crushingly depressing breaking news happens in the middle of the hour, why bother going through the override process?   I mean, how many people are going to visit the BBC News website during the hour and get enraged at how it looks like some sick joke?   

Oops.  I said I’ve had my moment of righteous indignation.   So I guess I’ll take a deep breath—"Better to light one candle than simply curse the darkness" and all that.  I think I’ll donate to Save The ChildrenOh, wait, they had to leave the Sudan since it’s too dangerous for them to work there.

(Muttered stream of profanity.)

(Second muttered stream of profanity.)

(Third and fourth muttered streams of profanity.)

No, seriously, you can’t save everyone, but you must save everyone you can.   Please think about donating somewhere—some suggestions: Save The Children, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders.

2 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. tom Says:

    Colin Powell had referred to events in Sudan as “genocide”; although I suspect the Bush admin is retreating from that characterization.

    Disgusting, in my opinion. Preventable mass murder is preventable mass murder.

  2. CSTAR Says:

    What is Wrong With This Picture:

    SPectrum of localized ….

    Theory of second order….

    It’s too fuzzy.

    Top line: Theory of second order …. PDES? … second order logic?

    2nd line: It looks like it says “Spectrum of ergodic states”? It’s not obvious what that means. (Spectrum of ergodic actions, yes, and I suppose a state gives an action by GNS)

    3rd line: Spectrum of localized pseudo-differential operators maybe?

    I dunno I give what is wrong with that picture?

    And man, this blog is the pits, if you only update it once a month.

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