Best Picture Ever.

February 28, 2005

No, this isn’t an Academy Awards post, but the Academy Awards show last night got me thinking about how, over the course of my life, certain images have been thoroughly burned into my consciousness.   Here’s the most stunning image my eyes have ever seen.  I think it encapsulates how completely we can aspire to community and to the sacred and how cruelly we can crush these aspirations.

[Warning: It’s a scene from the Rwandan genocide, specifically coming from James Nachtwey’s set of 5 photos that accompanied Samantha Power’s September 2001 article "Bystanders to Genocide" in The Atlantic.  To view it, click the following link.

(JPEG Image — 697 x 1024 pixels, 78K)

To see some more of Mr. Nachtwey’s incredible photography, you currently can view his portofolio "Witness" at his website]


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

February 27, 2005

As February draws to a close, I see I have once again let this blog languish.  And as much as I’d like to say that this was the result of something noble, for example working too hard at my day job or developing some righteous disdain of the Blogosphere’s frequent fixiation on the ephemeral, I can’t.   

It was just laziness.  Sloth.  Good ol’ Deadly Sin #4.   The perniciously captivating art of sitting and feeling your butt grow.  A one way ticket to that treadmill terrace in Purgatory.

Well, it’s high time I get off my butt and start writing again.

(Hmmm, typing while standing over a laptop is really uncomfortable.   Maybe, I’ll sit down again.   Aaah, that’s better.)