News You Can Use: Diet, Exercise, and Health

May 10, 2005

I notice that web traffic for this here blog of mine is pretty piddly.  Hence, taking a cue from every darn newscast in America, I’ve decided to institute a "News You Can Use" segment and inaugurate it news you can use with those perennial American obsessions of diet, exercise, and health.

But unlike all that filler you see on newscasts that alternates between the genuinely informative, the barely informative, and the overhyped and scare-mongering, I assure you, gentle reader, that my "News You Can Use" segments will always be genuinely informative.  (I’ll confine my barely informative, overhyped, and scare-mongering posts to my rants on current affairs.)

So without further ado, let me point you to the most comprehensive collection I know of relatively layperson-friendly, scientific review articles on diet, exercise and health covering issues important to both the sedentary and the athletic among us:

Position Stands of the American College of Sports Medicine


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