Yoda says: “Whack, these bastards be!”

May 19, 2005

Well, it might be the sleep deprivation talking (I’m trying to shock myself into being a morning person once again), but I thought this following bit by Marc Maron on Air America Radio’s Morning Sedition about allegations George Lucas is trying to criticize George W. Bush with Revenge of the Sith was utterly hilarious:

MARON: Now there’s been a lot of talk, Yoda, about this being a political movie.

YODA: Hmmm! Biased this movie is not.

MARON: But some political–some Republicans–are very upset…

YODA (interrupting): Whack, these bastards be!  Nothing but haters, these bitches are.

MARON: So you’re saying you don’t play partisan politics, and this movie doesn’t either?

YODA (sheepishly): Well… Hillary 2008!

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